Staci Holweger

In 2010, Staci was introduced to It Works by a friend. She was a size 16 and looking to get healthier. She tried a “wrap” and saw amazing results in 45 minutes. She was hooked!!! After that, she used the Body Wraps, Defining Gel, Fat Fighter, Greens and the Thermofit to achieve her goal of size 10 in just 4 months!  Staci has been able to maintain that for over two years now thanks to the IT Works products!!! She feels great and enjoys helping others do the same.

Staci’s husband was on five different prescription medications before they found It Works!  It took him almost a month, but he successfully weaned off all of those medications using the Confianza to help with his stress level, the Greens to get rid of his acid reflux, the New You to sleep through the night, the Fat Fighter to lower his cholesterol and the Regular to be able to have daily bowel movements!  He now feels GREAT and the Holwegers are very grateful to It Works for helping achieve both their weight loss and health goals. They continue to save money each month by using these all natural supplements.


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